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Birmingham City v Preston 02 April 2024

Man of the match

  • Bacuna

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  • Bielik

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  • Paik

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  • Miyoshi

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  • Stansfield

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  • Other

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Good game
great result
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking part tonight. Enjoy the rest of your day
Hard to pick from Bacuna, Buchanan, Bielik, Baik or Biyoshi.

Maybe Buchanan for me.
Some good suggestions. I’ve added a poll, open for the next 10 hours. The result will be the OSC official MOTM
Get voting.
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Certainly would! Watched the highlights again. He was great. His interception when it looked like Preston were about to score. He was unfortunate not to score as well. He's been a stand out player for me this season.