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Birmingham City v Preston 02 April 2024

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Our Easter double header continues with a St Andrews @ Knighthead Park home game against Preston on Tuesday morning. The UK changes its clocks so note the slightly earlier kick off time.
We'd love your comments, thoughts, team suggestions, and reaction to the game. Of course, if you're awake there will be in game chat in this topic, which is open to everyone who is registered on the website - you don't have to be an OSC member, but it helps.

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It's match day. Or crunch day. What are your thoughts? Who's on the late shift chat tonight?
Yeah I'll be watching. Think I've recovered enough from the QPR game. Ready for another 90 minutes of torture.
4-2-3-1: Ruddy; Laird, Aiwu, Sanderson, Buchanan; Bielik, Paik; Miyoshi, James, Bacuna; Stansfield. No Hall?
Ah that fan park is not where I thought it was. Looks great.
Just wondering whether I try for a 40 min Power Nap. Woke up too early
Playing out from the back with a bit more energy and confidence too. Myosin everywhere and Stansfield chasing lost causes. Barca showing the most threat. Just lacking a target man.
Now we’re playing backwards and putting ourselves under pressure. Defensive players holding on too long. Midfield trying to get rid of it too quickly. Forwards have their back to goal or having to come back 10m to complete the pass
Aiwu and laird have been frustrating. Far too casual at times. We've had some good possession, just lacking the final product. Maybe more intensity in the second half. Buchanan has been class