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Rotherham v Birmingham City 21 April 2024


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Rotherham v Birmingham
Sun, 21th Apr 2024 | 02:00 | New York Stadium

Would you keep an unchanged side?

We'd love your comments, thoughts, team suggestions, and reaction to the game. Of course, if you're awake there will be in game chat in this topic, which is open to everyone who is registered on the website - you don't have to be an OSC member, but it helps

Honestly not sure.

Coventry were always going to give us more space. Rotherham will defend deep I imagine.

It’s going to be a very tricky game.

I’d be working on set pieces, and moving the ball quickly into the final third.

Miyoshi must play. He can be frustrating at times but he seems to find space or turn players consistently.

Tyler Roberts was excellent, as was Anderson, against Coventry. I’d keep Roberts as he has been improving steadily. Anderson is a must against Huddersfield, not sure if we need more ingenuity against Rotherham.

I’d keep the same defence. Not sure Aiwu should play again unless we need to.
I think it has to be the same 11.
Showed fight and desire against Coventry. Completely different from the Cardiff game.
Rode our luck at times, but experienced players get your over the line. Well hear is hoping!

Take a 1-0 win!
I’ll take that. Last week I bet everyone around us would win and we’d lose. On the basis of maintaining the luck I’m doing it again.

Who’s in for the chat tonight?
The old man said we'll smash them 1-0. But he's resigned to relegation, so I really don't know what to make of this game. Everyone has made really good points so far. Hope they are still buzzing after the cov win.

I'll be watching.
Started well, had the first good chance which Roberts put wide. There was a break in play due to a medical emergency in the crowd. Since coming back Rotherham have been more dominant.
Ah. Wondered why there was a discrepancy in the time. I thought it might have been a delayed kickoff. Hope the person is okay but it seems like it is becoming more common at football matches. Rotherham certainly seems to have an effective press. It feels like watching ping pong.
Got to stop conceding these set pieces. Its where all their threat is coming from. That is another player subbed for them though.
Our away form has to improve at some point surely? The midfield looks like it’s missing something
Crap first half. They all need to start reading from the same page. Oli burke is reading the chip shop menu. He has to be subbed. They are looking for him but he isn't there.
To be fair he’s not been with it for a long time. I presume he’s been brought in for some height or strength but he does seem off the pace in terms of reading the game.
I was just going to say he was so fired up with that booking it was the perfect response. But no.