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Possession based football - which Manager?


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BCFC remain committed to playing possession-based football and want a manager who fits that philosophy.
More inexperienced bosses cannot be ruled out after the successes of Kieran McKenna and John Mousinho.

Dave Challinor and Mike Williams come into that mix from Stockport and MK Dons. I personally would like this type of manager. Someone fresh to blow out the cobwebs. But who to choose? Ignoring the big names, if you wanted an alternative, who would you pick? Comment below

I’m not really inspired by the current front runners. What are your thoughts?
I've really no idea who they are going to pick. The fact they are taking their time shows they aren't rushing the decision. Its so important to get this right. This manager has to be able to stay around for a while. Credit to Blues though, under previous ownership there would have been information leaks all over Xitter. Those leaks seem to have stopped. This is going to give the media team time to create a decent and worthwhile announcement. Lets hope we find out soon.
There’s just nothing eh. I wonder if it really was a case that they were hoping TM would come back so they’ve not tapped anyone up. Unfortunately none of the names have actually united the fans in their opinion, it’s been very split and I just think that might undermine any appointment, so we’re going to need results to go for us from the off otherwise expectations will crash again.

Interesting comment from Plymouth in that Rooney was ordered to play a style of football so he couldn’t change the style to suit the team. I really can’t imagine him coming in as a big name manager and standing for that to be honest.
Talking of leaks on twitter. I saw today that the kit for next season may have been leaked. Saw a picture of a blues kit in box. Really didn't want to see it. No confirmation that it was the kit. Wait and see I guess.

Spoke to the old man the other day. We're both of the opinion that the club will want to appoint a manger, not just to take us out of L1, but further. For me Carsley, with Ashley Cole is a great fit.

I've let Wagner know 👍
Genuine then? That's disappointing
I didn’t actually see it in the groups. I did see it on FB but from an unofficial page, however like all of their rumours on transfers I took it to be more crap. It’s not an off the peg design and reminds me of a design from the 80s.
Former Hull boss Liam Rosenior has apparently informed Blues that he wants to take time to consider his options amid other vacancies higher up the pyramid.

With the length of time being taken to find a replacement it looks like Blues are biding their time to get the right man...

Retrospectively if he has sat back to look for better offers first our bosses are very much of the cloth of you aren’t committed we don’t want you, rather than the waiting to see what happens type.