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online at the moment

Did you know you can add the NZ Blues app to your mobile.? It’s pretty easy and works great if you add push notifications
From your mobile session, hit the burger menu on the left and scroll to the bottom. Click install the app.
Weird, I'm not seeing that option

What’s your mobile platform?
Have you already installed a bookmark at all or added it to your home page?
Ew. I need to resize the logo. Might get you to try it again using app install and see if that improves
Deleted the home screen link. Still no option to install on the top left menu. However there is this in my browser options menu (top right)


Logo is still the same though
After a late night last night ( I woke up too early for the game ) I decided to punish myself and do some gardening. Only that turned into making a path. Just dug out a small 7m2 and I plan to put down gravel reinforcement pavers tomorrow then get some 20mm stones.
What a great weekend weather wise. Feels like late summer instead of winter. We’ve had fires to keep warm for the last 2 weeks.
Had reports that the weather where we live in NZ has been awful. Not that I give a hoot, it's 30° almost everyday here.