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Chris Davies meets the back room staff


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NZ Blues OSC member @Malc got to meet the new boss on his first day at work

Following his appointment on Thursday 7 June, the new Boss reported to the Birmingham City Elite Performance and Innovation Centre on Monday morning, meeting staff at the Club's Henley-in-Arden base and exploring the site alongside Chief Executive Officer, Garry Cook, Men's Technical Director, Craig Gardner, and Academy Technical Director, Mike Rigg.

Then, after completing a series of media commitments, Davies travelled to St. Andrew's @ Knighthead Park where he was introduced to several of the departments working in B9, as well as dropping in on the Official Supporters' Club catchup and hearing from Stadium Tour Guide, Malcolm McHenry.

Delighted with the appointment of Chris Davies, his career to date has only been as a number two, but this has included time with some top managers and clubs which will stand him in good stead for what is to come at BCFC, I'm sure all True Blue supporters will wish him all the very best for the future. He arrives at what I beleive is the most exciting time in the clubs history and certainly in the 75 years that I have been supporting The Blues.

My son and I were discussing only a day or two before the news broke of his appointment that we wanted a completely new face to take the job, obviously with some experience and pedigree within the game, but without the baggage that comes with those who have been around as managers with other clubs, so this bloke fits the bill perfectly. He is articulate seems at home in front of the camera and by all accounts is personable with all staff members from the tea lady to the Cheif Executive, and respected by players under his guidance. We are yet to see if he will be able to get the players he needs to produce the style of football, which he suggests he wants his team to play, only time will tell......good luck Chris.

I was back home in Brum at the beginning of the season, just ended, and was fortunate to get two tickets for the home match against Leeds United, football aside, this was for me such an uplifting experience, the difference in the attitude of the staff towards me was first class, kind and helpful. The changes that were taking place around the ground had only just started but one could see and feel a positivity to everything that was being undertaken, for the first time in a very long time it was obvious to me that the club was finally in very good hands.

Regardless of how the season ended the future is very, very, bright...we should all look forward to the coming season with confidence and anticipation of the success us Bluenoses crave and deserve.....Keep Right On.